join the team

Build What Matters 

Mission > profit. Don't get us wrong, Aulenor is a place to make money and build your portfolio - but we only stock it with missions that matter. Whether the client is market-based, public sector or nonprofit, we research their social impact mission to ensure that your work goes directly toward making a positive difference. As a prospective team member, you'll be asked to define your personal mission and motivation so we can find the best fit between the work you want to do and the clients on our roster. 

Bring Your Awesome 

A lot of consulting firms offer expert doers of many things. The Aulenor team isn't just looking for pros - we're looking for that person who peers over the horizon and wants to build what's next. You take initiative and get things done, and want to do that while collaborating with a creative team of entrepreneurial minds. You like to spark new ways of thinking through challenges. You don't assume there's one 'right' way to do things. And you're as ready to learn as you are to teach. 

Stay Flexible

You probably read the latest sleep science on finding your optimal productivity cycle - and it isn't necessarily between 9am and 5pm. Your smartphone and passport rank in your Top 10 Must Have at All Times. You could hack together an office anywhere in the world. The idea of jumping between projects doesn't faze you - in fact, you get a kick out of cross-pollinating creativity.

At Aulenor, team members work on one-off projects, long-term clients, and everything in between. We work hard to bring in projects that can be executed on nights and weekends, as well as during the 9-5 crunch.