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At Aulenor, we believe that a lot of consulting shops look the same - until you try to end a contract. That's why we build products and services designed to deliver long-term support for you and your team. While you focus on building the core of your organization, we take care of building out the rest.

Starting up is hard enough. Let Aulenor support you along the way.


Coaching & Training 

Aulenor trainings cover a range of topics, from communicating in high stakes conversations and civic activism to defining your vision and clarifying your story. Our coaches have over a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs, activists, policymakers and political leaders from around the world. Aulenor trainings also carry a unique promise: we design our trainings - and recruit our coaches - to empower often underrepresented voices. 

Best for: teams, one-on-one coaching, career development, skill building

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Strategic Planning & Facilitation

We believe that when you pull people together to work on big projects or decisions, you need to be prepared to make that time effective (and maybe even fun). From group decision making for all personality types to planning conferences that won't drain your bottom line, Aulenor has a consultant with the experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Best for: Board meetings, staff retreats, major projects, 360 reviews, strategic planning

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Photo by Pekic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Pekic/iStock / Getty Images


Communications & Marketing

Whether its managing your social media so you can focus on having a product worth talking about, drafting articles to tell your brand's story and values, or pitching your story to media before a big event, the Aulenor team has you covered. Most startups don't require a full-time communications employee, but do need more and better marketing than the founding team can provide. At Aulenor, we run successful Kickstarter campaigns, build media kits, make pitches, design websites and more. More important: we have the flexibility to scale up for your big moments and scale back for the scrappier times in your start up journey. 

Best for: media, marketing, brand development, design, strategic communications

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